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17 July 2006
Israel & Lebanon
While the Exile was laid up all Hell proceeded to break loose in the Middle East. This is not the place for an analysis of why Hezbollah decided to restart the war against Israel, largely because the writer was laid up when it all began and doesn't give that much of a shit, anyway. What matters is not that the Israelis went charging off to Lebanon, but that their tanks stopped at the border. The war that Israel is waging against Lebanon is one of pounding the country from the air: could the Israelis be afraid that Hezbollah has something nasty up its sleeve to welcome an invading army?

Hezbollah has already managed to destroy one Israeli warship by flying a pilotless aircraft into it. They have also managed to hit Israeli cities such as Haifa with their surface to surface missiles: weapons that have a far longer range than most people thought before the conflict began.

Faced with this uncertainty the Israelis seem to have adopted a strategy of bombing Lebanon's infrastructure back into the stone-age. That's fine, except that most of those bridges and power stations were built with European money and the European powers are not going to take kindly to these actions. Not that they can do anything to stop the fighting, but it could mean that European moves to disinvest from Israel suddenly seem more appealing to governments as well as ordinary people.

All in all what interesting times we live in. For the first time ever the Israelis seem to have been deterred from an invasion by fears of what may lie in wait across the border. Furthermore, what few freinds they have left in Europe are likely to get even fewer as the casualty figures mount.

I was genuinely grieved to find out Hezbollah had not downed a zionist terrorist F-16 jet over Beirut.

Did I mention the zionists are terrorists?

Right now, lebanese society is fracturing along class lines, as the ever-gullible "middle-classes" of the world easily gobble-up the mass propaganda barrage of world imperialism painting Hezbollah as the aggressor! The working masses -- "Sunni" or "Shi'a" -- aren't buying that one -- especially as they're the ones doing all the paying and dying for this imperialist warcrime.

If you want to get the skinny on what's going on in that region of the world -- follow the Angry Arab blog.

18 July 2006 at 22:32  

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