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24 July 2006
Iraq may be divided into three parts
Lebanon dominates the news at the moment; thus providing the British Government with a perfect opportunity to let slip the government's view that Iraq is finished as a going concern. The wheeeze is to sit back and watch as the Shia, Sunni and Kurds divide the place up between them, with Baghdad being split between Sunni and Shia.

Whether it will all turn out as neat and clean as these government officials imagine is debatable. A more liklely scenario is that Sunni and Shia will tear each other to bits in an oil field grab. Alternatively, the mainly Sunni guerrillas may decide to go for broke and attempt to restore their control over the whole country.

Either way, the British have finally accepted that the Blairite dream of a secular, united Iraq that recognised Israel and allowed its economy to be raped by western capital is finally over.

Those of us who opopsed this war from the start can start getting ready to say we told you so.

Frankly, I hope legions of arabs and muslims -- and others -- pour into Iraq, make their way thru Suria, and descend upon the zionists and their Yanqui masters in Lebanon and Palestine...

Hopefully Moqtada as-Sadr's militia is on the way right now.

This crime must not go unpunished. The terrorists must be pursued into their lairs and utterly defeated. For the sake of the world and world peace.

28 July 2006 at 20:07  

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