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19 July 2006
America gives Israel another week to bomb Lebanon
It is being reported that the USA has given Israel another week to blast Hezbollah in Lebanon; then the Americans will join the chorus demanding a ceasefire.

The problem with this is that there is little eveidence to suggest that Hezbollah is actually getting hit by the air strikes that are ravaging Lebanon. It is a guerrilla force, as such its people are sitting quietly, waiting for the storm to pass over them. Once it has they pop up and have another crack at the enemy.

So, wretched Lebanon gets bombed for a few more days and then a ceasefire will be imposed by the Americans? What actually gets solved in the interim? Why not a ceasefire now?

This is one reason empires fall: internal dynamix -- rather than any "external threat" -- has them making precipitous decisions that they know are "sub-optimal" -- but which they figger at least aren't strategic blunders... hehehe... What indeed has imperialists thinking they can utterly destroy popular movements at will? What makes them think they're FOREVER, for that matter..?

And BTW: we're all americans on this side of the Pond. The Usians stole that too.

20 July 2006 at 01:46  

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