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12 June 2006
World Cup Fever
The eldest son came home from his primary school on Friday and commented on the opening game of the World Cup. It turned out that the school had realised that the only way they were going to get anyone behind a desk that day was to let them watch the match.

Such is life in Mexico. The country is so football mad that cantinas and restaurants have installed large screen TVs otherwise they would be empty. The strategy is helped by the fact that local TV is only broadcasting live a few of the matches - those involving Mexico. Sky has snapped up the rights to broadcast all the games and since most Mexicans cannot afford the subscription they are flooding into bars and eating houses to watch the games. The country has pretty much shut up shop until it is all over.

It's even worse in the Middle East, where the price-gouging euroscum who control FIFA have effectively shut out most viewing south of Europa, because the local networx there can't cough up the extortionate rates this year.

I hope there is mass piracy.

I do hear that the new masters of Mogadishu have been closing down the outdoors projection TVs -- as 'unislamic', yadda -- and almost set off a new wave of fighting.

And of course, the germans are using the security angle for the World Cup as another excuse to ratchet-up their long-time police state. As if germans haven't had enuff experience with fascism.

12 June 2006 at 14:24  

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