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22 June 2006
Withdrawal option for Iraq
A former American Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage, has claimed that the Iraqi "government" may soon ask the Anglo-Americans to leave. At first glance this seems unlikely since the stooges would quickly find themselves facing the popular wrath, so what could be going on?

It may be that Armitage is just tossing ideas around, but a more likely explanation is that he is flying a kite for a face-saving end to the war. Basically, the stooges would be told to ask for an end to the occupation. They might be offered guarantees that air power will be used to keep them in power, with the option of a safe home in the USA if that doesn't work. We could think of this as the South Vietnam option: let the leaders fly out to safety and leave the rest to their fates.

If that is the plan then one wonders when it will be implemented. The Americans have their Congressional elections in November and Iraq is dragging the Chimps' men down to defeat. Could it be put into practise quickly? Could the Americans be planning to cut and run before November of this year?

It's possible that Richard Armitage and other republican's are flying a Kite, for a withdrawn
of forces from iraq but I think the real victory for the Iraqi resistance will come 2009, because
I just can't see goege bush agreeing to a withdrawn from iraq Regardless of the opinion polls, dead bodies or Economic costs
thats my opinion.

22 June 2006 at 11:18  

It's indeed hard to see how this insanely ambitious oligarchy would leave without at least both a general revolt in the ranx, and in the "heartland" too, busting up their totalitarian control structure. Too much is at stake for them. And it's not their money being thrown at the problem or their blood being spilt... These are a mafia, and already they're mightily peeved that they are being 'disrespected' all over the place... They are, actually, more likely to want to make an example out of somebody real soon. In fact, I think they're downright getting desperate, alright.

These are hi-stakes rollers here. Real yahoos. Rumsfeld is certifiable. Cheney is a sociopathic criminal. These are exactly the leadership that band of pirates who own the U.S. empire want running it for them. I fear for the future, frankly.

And anyone who does even a cursory search of the Internet will easily discover what a murderous gangster Richard Armitage hisself is.

25 June 2006 at 07:29  

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