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20 June 2006
A rum tale
The Exile loves a good black propaganda operation. They are so easy to do: just come up with a story and feed it to a friendly news outlet. Then sit back and wait for the reaction.

Take this tale as an example. Venezuela is reported to be building a factory to produce AK assult rifles. These they will then export to Cuba and Bolivia.

Why will the country build a factory now when they have just started to import 100,000 rifles from Russia? Why does Cuba need to import rifles when she already has an arms industry of her own? Why is this tale running in the South Florida Sun-Sentinal? Well, that last one is easy; it's because South Florida is where life's little Cuban losers hang out after getting stuffed by the Cuban Revolution.

As for the first two questions, just asking them makes the reader wonder if the people who produce this nonsense think that we are all the type of idiot who believed that Iraq could hit the UK at 45 minutes notice?

I absolutely guarantee you that the world is full of fools who believe everything they are carefully fed by professional liars. Like the entire bourgeois mass-media.

But you already know that. And some of them even visit this site.

21 June 2006 at 23:06  

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