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26 June 2006
More problems for the British in Iraq
Since a spate of bomb attacks against them last autumn, British forces have largely kept out of the centre of Basra. Much of the police force in the south has been taken over by Shia militias who often clash with one another as well as intimidating ordinary people and attacking what is left of the Sunni community in the south.
Aside from this, the Iraqis seem to have developed a powerful and accurate anti-vehicle mine that can destroy the British army's Land Rovers. It can also seriously damage tanks, but its effect on the Land Rovers that the British are shipping into Iraq from Northern Ireland is terrifying.

The British have about 8,000 troops in Southern Iraq. It must be debatable how long they could stand against a determined push by the Iraqi forces.

Even when the british bourgeois mass-media tells the truth, it's always couched in a bed of lies. Same as with all the rest of the anglo world's organs of propaganda. (Back during the period of the collapse of the CCCP, nothing wrote Gorbachev off for me more than his profuse praise of the BBC after being rescued from isolation during the abortive coup against him: during which time his only contact with the outside world was a portable shortwave radio).

And so here we have the lowballing of the truth about a truly terrifying new anti-tank/personnel weapon -- terrifying because this Molotov Party Keg obviously doesn't require any massive technological infrastructure to produce: any old insurgency can clearly churn these mothers out. And "precision" my ass: what the brit twits in not-so-Fleet Street are trying to deflect our attention from is that all future insurgencies will be turning these things out by the truckload, once they get going.

And what must be having the imperialist military dropping their loads in their pants is the certain knowledge that any 3rd-rate machinist should be able to manufacture these things: just that the more precisely they can be made -- the more deadly they'll be. The less precise... well, maybe John-Boy will survive the encounter. Minus the curb-side of his face, etc.

27 June 2006 at 03:24  

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