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01 June 2006
More conflict in Afghanistan: is America trapped?
It looks as if the Americans are now fighting a war on two fronts. Afghanistan, which was very much the secondary theatre, has suddenly come to the fore and events there are starting to resemble Iraq towards the end of 2003.

If Monday's rioting is anything to go by, the Afghans are starting to get cheesed off with the Americans. As Taliban attacks on the occupation forces increase, the USA will be lucky if it can withdraw the 4,000 or so troops that it planned to do by next year.

There may very well be several reasons why the Afghans are so cheesed off, but the end result of a higher level of violence in both Iraq and Afghanistan means that America's plans to take on Iran seem to have been put on hold.

If the Afghans can raise their run rate, and inflict the same amount of casualties that the Americans are suffering in Iraq, then that might just be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

The spin now is that these riots are "staged" -- therefore, etc., yadda, lie, lie. However, I watched enuff video of this thing to see that, while there's clearly organized demonstrating going on, people flocked in from all over the neighborhood to protest the outrage. And this is all besides the stepped-up offensive capabilities of the Taliban, et al., insurgency.

I wish nothing but harm to these imperialist mercenaries. May they all bite the dust and sleep on dirt pillows -- that the rest of us may live and sleep easier.

12 June 2006 at 09:56  

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