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14 June 2006
British government considers giving an amnesty to 500,000 illegals.
This is insanity: the British government is reported to be considering an amnesty for the over 500,000 illegal immigrants who are currently in the country.

Let's be clear about this, the only reason why so many migrants are in the UK, especially in Southern England, is that the powers that be want to keep the wages down. Large-scale immigration is about cutting the wage bill and nothing else.

It is also about bypassing the trades' unions because most if not all illegal workers do not belong to unions. This is the way that the neo-liberals who have run the UK since 1979 want it: a hire and fire, low-wage economy, with the native working class kept firmly in its place. Wage inflation is kept under control by having a plethora of foreigners who do the manual work, especially in the south. It is not that British workers will not do those jobs, it is that they are not prepared to do them for the lousy wages that are on offer.

What is the solution? Repeal all the anti working class legislation that has now been on the statute books for almost a generation. Go back to the closed shop system of no union card, no job. Even in the firms that negotiate a post entry closed shop, the system would police itself as the unions would ensure that illegal migrants did not get a union card.

If this were coupled with heavy fines on employers who hired non-union labour, then Britain would see a rapid exodus of the type of people who sat on their arses and let socialism die in Eastern Europe.

First thing wrong: you're dividing the working class by taking this tack. And Stalinism certainly isn't the fault of these people. Socialism is internationalist -- and wherever a worker is, they must be made to feel at home by their local komradz.

Second thing wrong: you don't legislate this stuff -- you have to fight the pigs and the goons in the streets for it -- again, apparently -- since the british working-class allowed itself to be bought off, and avoided very necessary class confrontation from 1919 to 1926 till today.

...And wouldn't it be nice to have those 'bohunks' and 'ragheads' alongside you when you do..?

21 June 2006 at 17:39  

FYI: the internationalist perspective, from Britain.

25 June 2006 at 07:38  

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