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08 June 2006
American militias are losing on all fronts
The American death squad strategy seems to be failing on all fronts. The strategy first came to public notice in January of this year, thanks to a Newsweek article. As has been noted on this blog, the use of proxies and death squads is usually a sign that the conventional force has run out of steam and cannot suppress the insurgency.

As Lenin's Tomb pointed out yesterday, the proxy unit that the Americans have set up is called the Special Police Commandos, and seems to have been responsible for many of the massacres that are going on in Iraq.

The Americans are also using it in Somalia, and there the policy seems to have failed already as the American backed militias have been kicked out of Mogadishu.

This strategy usually fails, largely because it creates enemies faster than the death squads can kill them. Besides, the negative publicity that a mountain of corpses creates, only helps to further the anti-war cause at home.

That said, it is always a heartening sign when the proxies are thrown into battle because it means that the colonialists have pretty much run out of options.

About the only place where deathsquad recruiting seems to be going on unabated would be North America, then. They've been stepping up their Black Hundred recruitment since S11 (9/11), to bolster their aging NATO-Gladio deathsquad sleeper cells... Just stake out you local Legion branch, if you want to find the latter; your local police station, or probably National Guard armory, for the former.

And as usual, the north american Left, gutless as it is, pretends this is all something else entirely. The only good thing about all this would be that it ALSO points to the defeat of U.S. imperialism.
The final defeat.

12 June 2006 at 10:46  

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