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24 June 2006
American expert ponder colonial atrocities
American "experts" are stunned, shocked and horrified to learn of the atrocities committed by the occupation forces in Iraq. So stunned are they that they cannot decide why their nice, sweet boys are bahaving in this way. Could it be combat strees syndrome or is it due to the fact that senior officers are turning a blind eye to some bad apples?

Read the fucking Exile, folks, and ponder the mystery no more. Imperialism is getting well and truly shagged and has replied in the only way it knows: by mounting terror campaigns.

Ya. They just can't stop lying to save their souls. The U.S. is a bloody, murderous empire from even before the genocidal english puritans hit the beaches of Cape Cod. I think Normandy was less bloody, actually.

Just one long, stinking, horrific massacre U.S. history is. No wonder everything in that country is a big fat fucking lie. From top to bottom. From sea to stinking sea. From California to the New York Island -- this land was definitely not made for you and me. It's all for them.

You want the truth?? You can't handle the truth!!

And so the murder rampage continues till the world put their lights out.

25 June 2006 at 07:55  

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