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06 June 2006
Afghan police defect to the Taliban & Americans admit that they have problems.
Five Afghan policemen shot dead seven of their fellow officers and than scampered off to join the Taliban.

This is the first time that something like this has happened, and suggests that the guerrillas are far closer to victory than anyone has given them credit for. Defections from the government's forces tend to come at the point when people start realising that the government that pays their wages is not going to win the war. Since few people enjoy being strung up from trees, they tend to start switching sides.

At the same time the Americans have admitted that Afghanistan faces a "difficult" summer and autumn, with the Taliban posing a "tactical threat," according to one senior American general. Translated into English that probably means that a military stalemate has arrived. On a strategic level a stalemate points to an insurgent victory. If they cannot be defeated, then they can usually outlast the conventional forces. Sooner or later the foreigners will go home. . .

I just watched the Mosaic TV news on the growing deadliness of the Taliban, and I must say I saw some real concern on those Afghan military faces... They can't possibly be paying these guys near enuff for the risk.

12 June 2006 at 10:15  

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