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09 June 2006
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead: hand shandyists wank like mad.
It is good to see that the Hand Shandyists For War are back to giving themselves some more frantic wrist actions: laughs like this are few and far between and have been for most of this year. The latest bit of wankery concerns the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian born leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

It looks as if he was grassed up by the Iraqi nationalists, after having served his purposes for them. This will not stop the Americans - and their stooges linked to above - from claiming this as some kind of historic turning point in the war.

However, as Justin Raimundo points out, the Americans could probably have had al-Zarqawi a couple of years ago, had they been willing to cut a deal with Iran. They didn't because the Americans needed him as a convenient myth; a myth which stated that he and the other foreign fighters were the be all and end all of the resistence.

Now that the Iraqis no longer need him, and now that the Americans are gagging for anything that can be spun as good news, the two sides seem to have come together to remove this bothersome irritant.

Our wanking friends will not doubt continue to spurt all over their monitors at the news, but back in the real world, the war will go on, the chaos will mount and the Americans will continue to die.

The rest is just a load of old tosh thrown out to give the stooges something to wank over.

I think it needs pointing out again that there is another group in Iraq who benefit from the sectarian mass-murdering going on in Iraq: the U.S. neocons. And so I very much believe the stories about raw iraqi police recruits being given a car and a cellphone, and being sent on silly missions to, like, drive up to mosques, and then call-in their position to the station -- only to find that the cellphones weren't getting reception where they were, and so they get out of the car to find a better spot... and when they make that call -- THE CAR BLOWS UP.

That, and those brit elite forces being caught red-handed on an undercover mission in Basra to plant sophisticated explosives with remote detonators. Remember them? It was so important that these scum NOT be interrogated or tried by the iraqis, that an armored column smashed their way into the Basra police compound and snatched their boys back...

And who exactly could possibly "benefit" from the targetted murders of intellectuals, teachers and professionals and the like..? Well, it ain't az-Zarqawi, `tain't it?

Look to our New Model, english-drawling Nazis instead. And to their zionist henchmen.

12 June 2006 at 11:53  

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