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16 June 2006
2,500 Americans have now been killed in Iraq
The Americans have now lost 2,500 men in their war against Iraq. It was supposed to be a cakewalk, a stepping stone on the road to complete domination of the region; but it failed at the first hurdle.

The war goes on, but with each day that passes the Iraqis get stronger. The imperialists flail away at the mist and succeed only in killing yet more civilians.

Final victory is not yet close at hand; not unless the Iraqis put aside their differences and mount an all-out attack on the occupiers. However, even if the war continues at its present rate, sooner or later the American will no longer be able to spend treasure and blood and a withdrawal will be ordered.

That number was surpassed long ago. It's one of the many lies of our times that has not been dealt with yet by even most of the Left. Even according to their own figures, including mercenaries and non-citizen soldiers, and playing loose with the numbers -- they've lost more than twice that number. AFAIC it's way more than that.

Now they're losing ground in Afghanistan as well (thus the "Offensive"). And they're still throwing their weight around at every turn -- and coming off badly.

But suburbanites scare easy; and without any Left leadership in the U.S., this ship of state continues on thru sheer, rock-headed momentum.

21 June 2006 at 22:53  

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