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25 May 2006
Warmongers forced to retract Iran smear.
A few days ago I commented on a smear operation that was being run against Iran. The wheeze involved persuading the credulous that Iran was planning to force Jews, Zoroastrians and Christians to wear a distinctive strip of cloth to set them apart form the rest of the population. The story was a load of old wank from the word go, but it was getting picked up by various organs in the way that a black propaganda piece should.

Then it all began to fall apart and now the National Post, the paper that started it all, has been forced to retract the story. Why did the tale come unravelled? Largely thanks to the bloggers who saw it, laughed and then collectively wiped their arses on it.

Juan Cole posted an essay on the 20th. So did I come to that, but whereas I just smelled a rat, Dr. Cole actually produced some evidence of the creature's existence. By the 24th Justin Raimundo had researched the smear and rolled out a nut-cracking article that must have left any warmonger who read it clutching his knackers and howling for mercy.

Between those two dates just about everyone else piled in the give the 'mongers a good kicking, so can we conclude that the good guys have won one? Yes, but with one caveat. The caveat is that a lot of knuckle-draggers will have the story lodged somewhere or other in their skulls. Thus if and when the USA does go to war with Iran, they will dredge up this tale and nod their heads in agreement with the lunacy.

The war party are letting rip with one lie after another. Some of the lies will stick in the skulls of sufficient people to allow a war to begin - that seems to be the plan.

Can we counter every porkie that these creatures tell? Probably not. . . That is why the left should just fall back on the old adage that when the bosses tell you that the sun is shining, you grab your umbrella. We just work on the assumption that they lie as a matter of course, and that way we are never caught out.

They're still flogging this stuff in the Reichwing media, even now. These intellectual whores don't care about the truth -- and that's official. All that matters is that they get people thinking the way they want. They don't care how they accomplish it.

By accident I read one of these propaganda jobs in the local reactionary tabloid -- many days after the exposure, I might add. With the article was a cartoon (a bad one) of "Ahmedinejad", holding some 'carpet' (haha) or somesuch -- which had a prominent swastika emblazoned on it.

28 May 2006 at 11:37  

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