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18 May 2006
U.S. to use troops to stop Mexican migrants
The Americans are going to use National Guard troops to try and stem the flow of illegal migrants into the USA from Mexico. The Mexican government has threatened to sue the Americans if any migrant is arrested by those troops.

This idea seems very, very dubious. The Mexican government has a legitimate interest in seeking to protect its citizens, but how the Americans defend their border is a matter for them. Mexico refused to support the American war against Iraq by citing the principle of non-interference in other countries' sovereign affairs: now the Mexicans are threatening to break that principle by telling the USA how to behave within its own borders.

Furthermore, the Mexican record on the country's southern border is hardly one that will stand too close an inspection. Mexican troops are used to guard the border with Guatemala and there are constant allegations of robbery, rape and other assaults committed by those security forces on migrants from the south. The last thing Mexico wants - but probably deserves to get - is a CNN television crew inspecting that southern border.

You're showing your reactionary side again, Exile. Get thee to a nunnery!

As far as bourgeois state regimes go, the Mexicans indeed have their own house to clean. But you're barking up the wrong tree here, looking at this purely from the state angle. What the Bush regime is doing with this further militarization, and the Congress is doing with immigration and now the language, etc., is a slap in the face and a boot in the groin for not only the millions who marched for immigrants' rights a few weex ago, but for all working people, and humanity in general. And this cannot go unchallenged. Or unpunished.

Frankly, I hope there's an incident and U.S. and mexican troops go at it along the entire border. And let the U.S. regime try and whip up a 'patriotic' furor then. I dares `em.

21 May 2006 at 01:29  

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