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29 May 2006
Tony Blair sets out his plans for imperialism's future.
Tony Blair seems to be trying to ensure that his view of the way that the world should be ordered becomes the great power view. He argues that "progressive pre-emption" should be the order of the day, and to help this along the United Nations' Security Council should be expanded to 25 members, none of whom would have a power of veto. He further believes that the post of Secretary General should be far more powerful than at present.

This has been taken as a sign that Blair wants the post for himself, but a more likely explanation is that he sees himself as the father figure of a new, globalist order, where it would be much easier to obtain the Security Council's "consent for future military aggressions".

It looks to this writer like a recipe for disaster. If Blair got his way the U.N. would probably split, with the bulk of the Third World going off, possibly with Russia and China in tow, to form a new international body that had the concept of state sovereignty at its root. The globalists would be left with Western Europe, Australia and North America: hardly a decent blueprint for peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

Is that Bliar a megal-O-maniac or what? I'm REALLY gonna enjoy seeing his head paraded around on the end of a pike someday sooner-than-some-people-might-think.

As for the UNO:
I've been egging-on the U.S. fascists who want to drive the UN out of NYC: I want to see the UN depart the U.S. too! The U.S. has had far too much control over the world thru such as this body. Time for them to take a hike. Rightwingers are such idiots, eh? But vicious, dangerous ones... I wonder how long before a large enuff percentage of the Western working-class realizes there's no other option but to break these bastards' faces in the streets (or be killed or further enslaved)?

There's no reforming this increasingly-erratic system. But too many still aren't wanting to understand this.

29 May 2006 at 07:04  

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