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03 May 2006
Thursday's local elections
Every now and then you read something that rocks you back on your heels and leaves you feeling tired, sad and very old. The Daily Telegraph has just done that with an article about NuLab's woes. The key paragraph that hit me with such force is this one:
A Cambridge don, quoting an old man he had met in Hackney recently, put it to me with brilliant succinctness last week: in the eyes of the political elite, the white working class "has gone from the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth within three generations". This group, salt or scum, is likely to be decisive this week.
I hope that our decisive influence on Thursday's elections is by way of a massive abstention. If we are now alone - and it looks as if we are - then voting for other middle class parties makes no sense at all.

What can we do after this? All I can suggest is the old refrain that we need to take back our Labour Party and make it once again the party that represents the economic interests of people that the middle class treat and think of as scum.

Being alone has its advantages. We no longer have to even pretend to be interested in middle class demands - so stuff the Euston manifesto! We can offer terms to a section of that class if they vote for our party, but the terms should be laid down by us.

If we don't, then I fear that the British working class will become the ghettoised and forgotten element in British politics. However, we are the majority of the population: the vast majority that does shit jobs for shit wages for shit gaffers. If we stand together, then our enemies will have to respect and fear us once again.

Back in November of last year I posted the call of oderint dum metuant, and I'll shout it again: Let the fuckers hate us so long as they fear us!



And I'll keep telling you to stop flogging a dead horse, Exile. Especially one that bolted the stable long ago. No need to keep obsessively opening and closing that barn door, pardner... That is a Dead Parrot. Deceased. An EX-PARROT.

Like I keep telling you: there's never really been any alternative to an unabashed workers' party -- in Britain or anywhere. Labour has always been about diverting the UK working-classes from the road of Socialism. You keep wanting to square that circle? Go right ahead; but be forever frustrated. Most of the ex-Labourites and a lot of other socialists are going all out to get the vote out for Respect (not that Respect is the eventual alternative: it's not strong enuff as a workers' party, with a clear class Plan for Socialism). I suggest you give some serious consideration to what this is and what it portends.

The alternative is classic petit-bourgeois despair and paralysis -- a whiff of which passes under my schnozz here, Exile. But it's the so-called middle-classes which will go extinct, komrad. Not workers. The "middle-classes" (in the recent period) have always been the product of a conscious hedge against workers' power -- as long as the Capitalists could afford to divert enuff of their stolen World Surplus to divide the working-classes by privileging an elite section (which goes out and votes for their managerial parties, BTW... Nice little scam, eh?) However, no matter how much the "Masters Of The Universe" may try to replace workers with machines -- the logic of Surplus-Value extraction falls flat on its ugly puss without them. And the workers have a Plan for the Universe which doesn't include any "Masters"...

5 May 2006 at 00:48  

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