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04 May 2006
NuLab to privatise East London tube line
A leaked London Underground memorandum shows that the East London line will be privatised in 2009. The line will shut down next year for a major overhaul and extension; then it will be flogged off to a collection of chancers and wideboys.

Once upon a time the Labour Party tolerated capitalism, but it was never possible to accuse it of being the party that promoted it. How times change. . .

All the more reason to help ensure, by not voting, that today marks the beginning of the end for the entryists that have taken over the people's party.

On the other hand, if you are determined to cast a ballot, quite a few websites are offering advice on how to stuff Blair. Strategic Voter London 2006 might come in handy if you actually live in London. You just tap in your postcode and the site then gives you the best tactical advice on how to vote against NuLab.

Backing Blair is very good as usual, especially their blog area. They argue for an anti-Blair vote, but accept that most people will abstain. They want it to be a positive abstention, however, and say that if you can't face voting for any of the alternatives, why not write none of the above on the ballot paper or stick a Backing Blair logo on the paper?

My feeling, based on the posting immediately below this one, is that a two-fingered gesture of contempt seems the only proper reply to the people who have such contempt for us.

See what not having an alternative has you thinking and (not) doing? This is why people who don't think dialectically so easily dismiss demoralization as complete lack of opportunity for change, etc. They do not grasp (yet, anyway) that there is a missing element which is glaring in its absence -- and around which much will coalesce once it comes into being.

Once there is a mass workers' party -- in Europa, let alone Britain -- by whatever name or pedigree: watch things happen.

And watch the elite and their hangers' on scramble to try and ride this tiger...

5 May 2006 at 01:01  

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