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04 May 2006
'Monger of the month: April 2006
April's Warmonger of the Month was easy to choose as the runner up and winner are one and the same sad-arsed loser. What made the contest difficult was deciding the order in which the postings should be presented.

After much thought I have decided that the runner-up is Dave T. from Harry's Place for this gem of a posting from the 12th April:
You are wrong, Exile you're losing we winning because the Iraqis voted. As Iraq start to shines as beacon of liberty in middle east, we in prowar left have scored the biggest victory over Anti-Totalitarianism since the fall of the berlin wall namly over Islamism.
It has everything, doesn't it? Pure off-the-wall wankery at its finest. I particularly like it because the fool seems to think that the act of voting is a unifying, instead of dividing, factor. I suppose for him it is: one set of middle class filth debates with another set of of filth and because they are all the same underneath, they can accept the outcome of the contest. However, when elections are about something real, then all hell can break loose. Someone should point this out to little Davie T., but I doubt if he would ever get the idea.

Bad though his load of old wank was, it does tend to pale besides his winning entry which came from the 7th April:
Exile, have you spoken to any british servicemen serving in iraq, or who have served there? What would you consider to be the general mood in the british army right now? Please reply. If not, then shut the fuck up supporting islamofascism, 9/11, 7/7 London blasts etc and start supporting Greatest forward march of freedom in the greater middle east, since the fall of the
berlin wall.
What can I say? This posting was so wonderful in an idiotic sort of way that I gave it a reply all to itself last month.

There really is little more to add: step forward Dave T. and receive the award as 'Monger of the Month for April 2006.

Every month this blog will award due recognition to the animal, vegetable or mineral who has made the most asinine, stupid and/or off-the-wall comment or comments. Nationality is not important, but anyone who signs themself as anonymous will not be included. The publisher-editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


It's a shame that these are only, er, 'symbolik' awards.

I'm glad to see The Exile is moving up in the ranx of political blogging again -- but ever so slowly. And I just want to make a few comments about this blog shite (blogshite? A wunnerful neologism, ready for mass usage!) IMO, the usage of a better-quality blog like this will grow, not so much because of some regular, evolutionary 'word of mouth' exposure, but because, as the world careens towards catastrophe and crisis, various historical events will compel masses of Internet readers into the blogs in search of analysis (they won't be getting much of that from the bourgeois mass-media) and they'll inevitably stumble across these better-quality ones and tend to stick around. However, it's not easy for any one fairly new blog to get past "critical mass" level: there's just too much competition out there.
There needs to be a culling...

IMO there will be a snowball effect (no, not a reference to "Animal Farm"...) on a blog like this, once there are more than 2 or 3 or 4 regular contributors. With something intelligent to say too. Which is why Exile's "awards" are so useful (talk about the need for culling...)

"Wankers of the World! Unite! You have nothing to pull but your... thingies."

5 May 2006 at 02:31  

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