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08 May 2006
Mark Oaten bares all.
Mark Oaten, the Liberal-Democrat MP with the shit eating grin has explained why he swung over to fudge mashery. Basically it all boils down to a failure to get into university, losing his hair and having too much work. A workload that was so heavy, in fact, that he decided to increase it by running for the leadership of the Liberal-Democrats.

O-Kay. . . So he's a balding thicko who wants us to believe that overwork rather than ambition drove him to run for the leadership. He also tries to convince us that it was this thinning on top that led him astray, rather than a simple desire for a tight arsehole. The Exile is not convinced that this story is a goer, but then again The Exile is not an arse bandit who is trying to save face.

All that aside, a certain charity is called for with regards to Mark Oaten, and it is to be hoped that people will stop dumping on him all the time now that his version of events has been made known.

Update, 3.00am:

I have just discovered Iain Dale's Blog which contains an entry very similar to mine. Great minds clearly think alike. You might want to read the comments which are rather funny.

What a load of... shit.

8 May 2006 at 05:52  

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