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27 May 2006
Louise "Barker" Bagshawe
Guido Fawkes managed to get one bit of gossip slightly wrong when he claimed that the "Totty count includes Louise "Barking" Bagshawe," for one safe Tory seat. She may very well be up for the Conservative nomination, but her nickname at Oxford was "Barker" and not "Barking".

A scurrilous and no doubt unfounded Oxford rumour has it that Louise Bagshawe's favourite sexual position was doggie style, and that she would complain if her partner decided he wanted it some other way. For this reason she was known as "Barker" throughout the university, and the name stuck afterwards. The denizens of the Oxford Union bar would occasionally shout "woof-woof" when she came in to hack them, or make low growling noises in their throats. The story goes that she never twigged what they were on about.

After she began writing a union drunk did a textual analysis of her first handful of books. Sure enough the sex is doggie style.

Barker was involved in a Yahoo! discussion group about three years ago, and managed to drive quite a few other people out of it with her strident pro-Americanism.

Basically, she had lived in the USA for that long that she had gone native and had become a cheerleader for Bush and the GOP. She was given to calling opponents of the war against Iraq "liberals," which was rather funny when you consider that her main tormentor was a Monday Club hanger and flogger.

She claimed that she was as American as she was British; something which the punters in whatever constituency that selects her may wish to know.

She further claimed that the American soldiers who were killed in the war's early days - the ones displayed on TV - were the victims of a war crime, even though it was obvious to the former army officers on the site that they had been killed in action.

Viewed overall, Barker came over as a person who was not much interested in debate. On the other hand she could just be an old fashioned girl who believes in America, George W. Bush and taking it like a bitch.

Update: Guido has changed his posting and now gives the correct monicker.

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You are one nasty fuck.

Isn't it about time we drove these dinosaurs to a well-deserved extinction?

28 May 2006 at 11:54  

I've been told that I'm a good fuck, actually...

This blog doesn't get many comments, but I just wish that I could post some of the e-mails that have come through over this posting. They make even me blush - and that takes some doing.

I suppose my favourite concerns Barker and some bloke named Lemmie from a rock band called Motorhead. I must confess that I have never heard of either Lemmie or his group, but it sounded like a good tale.

29 May 2006 at 01:10  

Motorhead is a very well-known group. I'm impressed already. Kinda like Margaret Trudeau and the Stones, eh..?

12 June 2006 at 10:02  

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