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11 May 2006
Liberal Democrat news
Following on from the Mark Oaten lunacy, word is emerging of the slightly more normal predelictions of another Lib-Dem MP.

This bloke liked to visit a shagging shop in Paddington where he would pay one of the trollops to do a dump in her knickers. These he would then carefully fold and take away in his briefcase.

I accept that normal is a relative concept, especially since we are talking about the Lib-Dems, but at least this man's not a poof. Does anybody know his name?

Update, 4.30am:

A reply has been received from my Lib-Dem source in London. Alas he is unable to answer the question, pleading in his own defence that Lib-Dem scandals come so thick and fast that keeping count is an impossiblity.

However, the e-mail does go on to relate this juicy bit of tittle-tattle:
You will be pleased to know that the Security Services are employing my taxes well and have come up with a juicy bit of dirt on the BNP's leader in Barking and Dagenham (11 BNP councillors) Richard Barnbrook. Barnbrook in 1989 produced a film call "HMS Discovery: A Love Story". I won't go into details and put you off your cornflakes but interestly a website described the film as a "Marxist gay cinema from conceptual artist Barnbrook." Barnbrook hasn't denied it so it must be true. Certainly a case of the Roehm syndrome.
Oh well, back to laughing at the poofs again, I suppose.

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