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03 May 2006
Handy Shandyism reaches new lows in stupidity
The Hand Shandyists For War have provided many a cheap laugh to this blog and its readers for many a month. It's nice to see that these tossers are back on form with yet another corking post that leaves the reader with a few easy guffaws and a shaking of the head at the sheer stupidity of the post. How the hell can you copy and paste a dictionary definition of a word and then claim that it doesn't mean what the damned dictionary says it does? You can if you are a shandyist!

Dave Ostler has been amusing himself by pointing out that various rightist types have said nice things about the Euston Manifesto. Among them are Bill Kristol and Melanie Phillips. Kristol calls it "an impressive document," and concludes by saying:
The signatories of the document are liberals and progressives. They make clear their commitment to domestic and economic policies with which we at The Weekly Standard heartily disagree. But in the fight against tyranny and terror, against secular dictatorships and Islamic jihadism, is it too much to hope that decent liberals and conservatives could make common cause? We think not, and we hope that this clarion call from overseas might contribute to a rebirth of political courage and moral clarity on the American left as well.
Melanie Phillips argues that this is all:
Good stuff. There are items in this document that I don’t agree with, but it’s great to see such a brave statement of decent principles and an open denunciation of the left for being on the wrong side of history. Such a challenge from within its own ranks is essential if the left is ever to stop causing so much lethal damage to the west. Let’s see what kind of reaction the Eustonians now get from the comrades.
Now, I would say that both these statements amount to an endorsement of the Euston Manifesto. So should the Hand Shandyists For War who actually went to the trouble of posting a dictionary definition of the word endorsement in a risible attempt to prove that Kristol and Phillips did not endorse the bloody thing. Someone should point out definition number four: "To give approval of or support to, especially by public statement. . ." I think that covers what Kristol and Phillips did: they endorsed the Manifesto by giving a statement of approval to it. You don't have to sign something to say that you support it, or think that it's a good thing.

The shandyists accuse Ostler of either "lying, trying to be funny or just displaying a shaky grasp of the English language".

I don't have to ask them the same question - I know what they are, but I just can't think of a word that properly describes them. I am tempted to call them a bunch of cunts, but a cunt is useful and I can't think of any use for a shandyist.

Let's keep laughing at them.

Update, 4-May-2006: The shandyist responsible for this tosh has decided not to continue being chuckled at here. Instead he has entered his own comment box and repeated the same old drivel: namely that it was all just a joke. The Exile is not impressed but will not overide the ban on his posting at Hand Shandyists For War. That shall wait for a more important matter. . .



OK then, you keep laughing at us - even though you missed the point that quoting the dictionary was a joke, FFS, and you clearly son't know how to read very carefully - and we'll keep laughing at you, you pathetic old fart. It won't make any difference to anything in the real world, but that doesn't really matter to you, does it?

3 May 2006 at 08:06  

Hello, Tosspot, you can come alongh here and post whatever load of old wank you want: unlike your site this place does not censor any bugger. Even worthless wankers like you can come on over.

OK, so it was all a joke, was it? Is that the face saver? Sorry, not going to work and before you wank on over and make changes, he is the original posting. First you give the dictionary definitions, then we get:

"So: when Dave Osler asserts that Bill Kristol and Melanie Phillips have “endorsed” the Euston Manifesto - though in fact both these silly right-wing tub-thumpers have explicitly stated that they do not support it - is he lying, trying to be funny or just displaying a shaky grasp of the English language?
And why do we care anyway? Because the very first of Dave Osler’s weirdly numerous and obsessive posts about the manifesto was one of the things that made us think very carefully about whether to sign it or not, and it’s irksome to realise that that was the best he was ever going to manage. Criticising the manifesto is one thing; misrepresenting it, and defaming its authors and supporters, is quite another - and it seems a pity that one of its few intelligent and articulate opponents among the ranks of the “ultra-left” can’t, or can’t be bothered, to see the difference."

It doesn't read like a joke to me, lad, it reads like the ravings of some tosser who's ballsed things up.

By the by, I reckon that NuLab is down for a shagging on Thursday.

3 May 2006 at 09:18  

Man, you English are a wet and anal-retentive lot...
I feel positively unclean just reading this stuff! I need to go wash..!!

It's sure good to see the battle lines getting drawn more and more clearly every day. The wrong people have benefited from the paralysis and drift of the past 60-odd years... From Montevideo to Manaus to Managua to México to Manhattan to Manchester to Marseille to Milano to Mosul to Mahabad to Mumbai to Melbourne -- we're all lining up for The Big Brouhaha... And youse Reichwingers are truly deluded to actually be looking forward to your doom. "Wrong side of history"... Geezus. Upside your HEAD, BITCH. See your hired goons (certainly not YOU) in the streets.

4 May 2006 at 10:46  

The bad news for you, Comandante, is that this git lives in Canada. Don't ask me why he ended up in your neck of the woords, but you can keep him.

5 May 2006 at 09:06  

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