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28 May 2006
The Haditha massacre & basic guerrilla warfare for idiots.
Various hand shandyist types are now engaging in some pretty frantic wrist movements over the latest massacre in Iraq. Basically, the Americans did as imperialists have done throughout history: they retaliated for the death of one of theirs by killing some natives; in this case about 24 innocent Iraqis.
Let's start from the beginning, shall we, lads? Massacres are what guerrilla warfare is all about. They serve two basic functions:

1. If committed by the imperialists, they provide a useful recruiting tool for the insurgents. There is nothing like a little bit of slaughter to get the guerrilla ranks swelling up. The Americans can send their recruiting sergeants around the poor districts back home, but the best recruiter that the guerrillas have is a bit of Fallujah or Haditha every few weeks. Luckily for them the Americans have been eager to oblige, eh lads?

In fact, so important is the odd imperialist massacre that guerrillas have been known to provoke them in the past. This is because they tend to leave the folks back home disgusted with the war and increases the clamour for an end to it all. Yes, lads, a massacre like Haditha not only leads to more insurgents it also leads to a stronger anti-war movement in imperialism's heartland: two for the price of one you might say.

2. Guerrillas carry out atrocities as well. For the guerrilla the aim is to force people to choose sides. The worst problem that any insurgency has is the folk who want to remain neutral. Which way will they go? Will they choose us or them? Will they betray the guerrillas? Far better to just stonk them - some will side with the guerrillas, anyway, and at least you know where you are with the rest.

Looking to the future, the Exile reckons that direct imperialist atrocities will decline as the death squads take over, a la Central America in the 1980s. The insurgents will continue bombing seven colours of shit out of anything that looks dodgy to them, and the whole country will come to resemble a charnel house.

Unlike Central America, this one won't work. The guerrillas will continue culling Americans, and the folks back home will continue to sicken of the whole adventure. They will start to believe that the Iraqis are ungrateful for all America's sacrifice and shit like that. It's bollocks of course, but that is what they will say. Then they will demand that America leave the natives to their own devices.

That is the thing about guerrilla war. The guerrillas either win by breaking the imperialist's economy, or they so sicken the enemy that he brings his troops home. Either way the guerrilla battle flag then flies over the ruble of the main city, and in this case the main city is called Baghdad.

You, and warmongers like you, then get to feel like dog shit.

And what about the plans for world domination thru control of the world's oil then? These monsters are in a pretty pickle whether they stay or go. And the only reason they're 'staying the course' is because the alternative is a complete collapse of their vital, strategic plans -- and the advancement of just about everyone else's.

Much flows from the outcome of this one. And so I guess we'll be in another universe entirely, if it comes to a desperate lunge into Iran. Or whoever's next in this world-scale game of 'chicken'.

I also find it very interesting how so many social forces insist on compulsively reprising the `60s and the Vietnam era. Right down to a fair simulacrum of the My Lai Massacre scandal. But of course the second time `round ain't quite the same (to paraphrase someone)...

28 May 2006 at 12:21  

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