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10 May 2006
A gallows tale
A Sussex farmer named David Lucas has found himself a nice little side earner: he makes gallows for export. Most punters are in Africa, and he produces a single gallows, of the type that used to stand in every English market town, and a gallows that can accomodate five or six customers at a time and which sits on a trailer. The cost is £12,000 for the former and £100,000 for the latter.

All his gallows are made out of "best English oak" and are guaranteed not to have any spring in them: that news must surely be of great comfort to the condemned as they prepare to tread the early morning air.

Needless to say the usual crowd of rent a gobs are mithering about his activities, and European Union regulations may put an end to this export trade at the end of July. For the record, so long as the UK does not bring back capital punishment, this writer sees no reason why condemned prisoners in other countries should have to suffer the indignity of being crapped on inferior equipment that may leave them bouncing up and down like yo-yos.

Your post is proof that ignorance is bliss.

In your case it's ignorance of the fact that he's selling to countries which have very poor human rights records.

Lucas is supplying a means of murder to undemocratically elected dictatorships. These are not stable democratic governments with impartial justice systems.

Yo yo's? Grow up.

10 May 2006 at 12:35  

Yeah, I know where he sells to - the reports list the countries.

Why should I care?

I think that I'll put a stop to anonymous wanking...

10 May 2006 at 18:42  

Socialists are against barbarism -- and so they are against capital punishment.

However, an exception can and should be made for war criminals and those guilty of crimes against humanity for the period during and after the class struggle/Revolution -- called by the so-oft-and-purposely-misunderstood-and-certainly-misrepresented name of "dictatorship of the proletariat".

Liberals who blather on endlessly about "such means end up thwarting the ends", etc., yadda, and all that idealist crap only demonstrate that they do not have the slightest grasp of materialist dialectix; and that what really creates peace and love and harmony in the World is a full belly all around. And so it will be that Socialism will come in on the heels of a proper and fair distribution of the product of the means of production -- and not on the wings of doves of peace or sermons from the pulpit (or from the Mount for that matter).

13 May 2006 at 09:24  

Now that I've gotten official policy out of the way... Let me add that it's the height of hypocrisy for liberals -- especially the officious, nosey interfering NGO types of which Amnesty International is a charter member -- to be fronting for Western capitalist imperialism by providing a "Humanitarian Intervention" rationale, behind which imperial intrigue and interference can take place in the targetted countries -- with nary a peep out of said liberals and all the other pure and gentle (and comfortable) folk of the NATO West.

So what that Mugabe is a lousy leader and a vicious asshole? It's up to Zimbabweans to deal with their own assholes -- and none of the business of the Imperial NATO West and its NGO hangers-on to be butting in. Amnesty International, in fact, fits right into their imperialist patrons' ongoing plans for the destabilization of the Zimbabwean economy. And let us remember that it was this very lot which bombed and dismembered Jugoslavija, all of the Thralled World at one time or another -- and which is starting in on the entire planet a SECOND time. I wonder what goes on in the liberal mind that such "nicey-nice" people can fixate on the crimes going on in other countries -- and yet be able to decouple the crimes of their own home regimes from the equation? Like we're supposed to think that the "action" called-for by these pretty and nice-smelling NGO shits isn't going to be completely criminal and exploitative and self-serving-in-the-extreme in itself (viz. Iraq et al.)

When liberals work for imperialism -- however they rationalize it -- they're the Enemy too. And that goes for Amnesty International fools who choose this particular moment, and the particular circumstances they are professionally a party-to, to aid and abet imperialist machinations already underway in the countries whose regimes they sniffingly and dismissively refer to. Job well done, morons. Stop playing dumb and being the useful idiots youse are, and howsabout more serious and concerted criticism of the home team? Maybe you'll even get nite-time visits from your own secret police if you do an especially good job.

13 May 2006 at 23:45  

Speak of the Devil.
Look what just showed up on Counterpunch...

14 May 2006 at 06:37  

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