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05 May 2006
Cabinet purge
Jack Straw has beeen removed from the Foreign Office, a move that should trouble those of us who are opposed to war against Iran. He has been replaced by Margaret Beckett, a Blair loyalist.

John Prescott keeps his cabinet seat, but has no ministerial responsibilities. Quite a few eyebrows have been raised about this, with the BBC suggesting that it is his price for shouldering some of the blame for the election night disaster. A more likely explanation is that 2 shags is the only one left at higher levels of the government who can actually talk to the unions and what's left of the party's rank and file.

Charles Clarke is out!

That was my very first thought: any excuse by the Ruthless Right to be rid of this thorny new obstacle to World Domination.

My second thought: what the weasel Tony Bliar won't do to divert attention from his sinking ship of state! Cabinet shuffle the day of/after the election?! Where do these people get off with this transparent shite? Do they really take us all for slobbering, glassy-eyed, slack-jawed droolers?
Loox like.

In this type of situation I always imagine a starry, moonlit nite... in the deep, snowy forest... a troika thundering along with a huge pack of wolves nipping at a sleighload of desperate passengers... first tossing their expensive fur blankets overboard... and then each other.
May the strongest win.

But I really want to hear about what happened in Texcoco and Tlatelolco yesterday -- and on Cinco de Mayo today.
Howsabout that news, Coach?

6 May 2006 at 01:44  

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