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15 May 2006
British casualties mount in Iraq
May has become the third bloodiest month for Tony Blair in Iraq with seven soldiers already dead. The British are based in the South in an area that we were told was friendly to imperialism. It was nothing of the sort, rather it had a Shia population that loathed the previous regime and wanted to see it gone. Now that it has, the collection of mullahs, warlords and tribal chieftains who moved in to fill the vacuum want the British out of their way.

No doubt the warmongers will be screaming that this marks a lack of gratitude on their part, but as anyone who has a level of awareness slightly above that of a lobotomised goldfish will know, gratitude is the behaviour of dogs. So buy a nice doggie, my little warmongering friends. Feed and water it regularly and take it for walkies. The mut will be so grateful that it will follow you everywhere and be your one true pal.

Men are not the same. The British have served their purpose and now the new rulers of Southern Iraq want them out.

The Blairite response is to take 30 Sea King helicopters that have been mothballed for years and bring them back into service. The army is complaining that their slow speed will make them "sitting ducks" for any kid with an RPG-7 rocket launcher.

It is quite possible that the Iraqis will decide that the British are an easier target to take out than the Americans. If Britain could be removed from Iraq, then the whole of America's ground supply lines and overland escape route will be in their hands. It would be the end of the Iraq adventure.

The problem is that it would also be the end of a big chunk of the British army. Get the troops out now!

I could give a rat's ass about anyone with the mentality that has them joining an imperialist military. This is only tempered by the fact that a certain number -- not the majority, I'll bet -- join out of limited career options otherwise. And, of course, a conscript army is an entirely different kettle of goldfish.
My attitude changes if --when -- a good chunk of them become "enlightened" and switch sides at some point... Otherwise they can go to Hell. And I hope they're not late for their appointment.

And many dogs and goldfish are FAR smarter than you make them out to be (well, maybe not the goldfish... ;)

21 May 2006 at 00:34  

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