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03 May 2006
The BNP and an impudent Ruskette
One of the problems with living abroad is that the gossip from home only gets filtered through very slowly. A received an e-mail from a friend in Wandsworth, London, yesterday that included the immortal paragraph:
I've been canvassing for the Lib Dems and suprisingly have not been met with derision on the door step. I expect the Tories to win but, it will delight you, to hear that Labour is in serious trouble. Their middle class support is switching to us while those of the working class, who will still bother to vote, would vote BNP if a candidate had stood. No suprises there but this will make you choke on your tortilla at the impudence of this : L... wants to vote BNP!
L... is his ex-wife and, wait for it, she's a fucking Russian. Well, she calls herself Ukrainian, but everyone knows that if you cross the Oder-Neisser line then you are in Russia so why bother memorising all these weird names?

Anyway, bring back the USSR and let's hear it for the Cold War.

Half of east-europeans are fucked in the head and just bloody-minded, thanx to the stalinist experience (take this from someone who has a passing familiarity with this phenom). So of course, in the vacuum left by a treasonous social-democracy everywhere -- now including most of the old stalinists who didn't outright go over to the class enemy -- of course the Right, and their precious little fascist sturmtroopers, resonate in this polluted, miasmic milieu. Just look at israeli politix and the rôle of russian jews. A swinish, disgusting bunch by and large -- led by the likes of that former 'heroic dissident' Nathan Scharansky (now recycled as your basic east-european fascist). Too bad we all didn't get a clearer view of those Refuseniks back during the Cold War...

However, come the Revolution in Europa, komrad -- a lot of these same people will suddenly wake up and start singing a different tune. You can bank on that (I think the tune might be the Internationale...) But that's because they won't be leading this charge (as I've said before): they're going to be caught up in the wider ferment which is going to sweep all of Europa from one end to the other.

I don't think the Rightwing or Right-moving liberals should be crowing too much just yet. That light at the end of the tunnel? The proverbial oncoming train of History.

4 May 2006 at 14:40  

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