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20 May 2006
Black propaganda
The Exile is a great fan of black propaganda. His favourite example of the genre concerns a KGB campaign to get folk to believe that AIDS started in an American laboratory. The story was fed to a small, Moscow connected newspaper in India. Some time later it got picked up by the main Indian dailies and from there is spread like a mad bugger around the globe. You still hear it trotted out in Mexican boozers, and the Exile always nods his head sagely as if to confirm its veracity.

Now the Americans are using the same tactic to smear Iran. Some time ago the Iranian Assembly debated a new dress code for women. A Canadian newspaper called The National Post, quoting the usual unamed souces, has claimed that Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians in Iran will have to wear yellow, red or blue strips of cloth on their clothing to identify themselves.

The Iranians have denied it all, but that has not stopped the Prime Ministers of both Canada and Australia from condemning Iran and a policy that the country has not even considered.



The National Post (all the "Posts". Like the Jerusalem Post, for instance) is well-known to be an organ of the extreme Right. And obviously connected to the black ops crowd, one way or another. It was one of Conrad Black's crown jewels, after all (pun intended). And the same can be said of the more muck-raking "Sun" tabloids around the english-speaking planet. There's a pattern here; and it represents something real and not imagined.

And so what makes you think there's no diabolical conspiracy out there, Exile? I live it. Others do too. Parts of it on the margin, anyway. The question really is: how far does one go on hunches and "coincidence", if one doesn't have the facts..? One can't always have all the facts, Exile -- and yet one must act anyway.

You might want to spend some time reviewing the archived radio shows on websites like this one.

21 May 2006 at 04:36  

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