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14 May 2006
Battle lines drawn in Labour's civil war
It now looks as if the Nu-Labour Party is gearing up for a bloody Civil War. Peter Mandelson, the former cabinet minister, who was appointed by Tony Blair to a cushy £150,000 sinecure by Tony Blair in 2004, has become the chief strategist for a group of Blair's ultra loyalists. It is being mooted that John Reid will mount a challenge to Gordon Brown when Blair finally decides to call it a day. However, the presence of Mandelson in the lineup might suggest that Blair actually fancies retreating to a bunker and daring his challengers to come and get him.

It could be that the Blair strategy is to actually force a civil war in the hope that it will destroy the party. Thus Blair would be in a position to offer his support to a new left-Tory, Liberal Democrat and Blairite residuum alliance. His aim would probably not be to act as David Lloyd-George did at the end of the Great War - it's doubful if he would want to head a largely Tory administration - rather it would be to get rid of both the traditional right on the Tory backbenches as well as the old left from the Labour Party.

If this is the aim then Mandelson is just the right creature to bring it about. He is loathed by Brown because 12 years ago Mandelson first offered his support to Brown in that leadership contest, only to desert him in favour of Blair.

The Blairites were trying to temp Brown with the offer off a 12-month programme, followed by a handover, but that sort of deal was cut in 2003 and Blair then renaged on it. Brown is unlikely to be suckered twice, and the entry of Mandelson into the ring suggests that Blair knows this.

The next move is Gordon Brown's. If he does not fight, then the leadership could pass to a Blairite. If he does move now, Blair will probably try to destroy the party as he leaves it.

The uglier this gets the better, AFAIC.
The Right doesn't often miss a chance to accuse the Left of wanting chaos; but the fact of the matter is, the "stability" which the Right is always preaching at us is the calm and stillness -- stasis -- of Death. A system frozen in time -- with themselves forever at the pinnacle of the pyramid of exploitation. And so, frankly, it is far better that we have change, and all the mess and confusion -- and Life -- that comes with that, than a continued descent into the deadend capitalist Hell that we already know too well.

And so the uglier this mess gets in Britain, the better. There are a million roads to socialism in Europa, but most of them involve stepping over the corpse of neoliberalism and neoconservatism -- i.e. 'fascism with a human face'. And so the entire world should see close up, just what these goons and opportunist fraud artists are truly made of.

And so I, too, hope they do indeed destroy the UK Labour Party. "Après moi le déluge!", eh?
Arrogant twit.

14 May 2006 at 21:15  

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