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20 April 2006
Who is this dipstick?
U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman has just explained that an attack on Iran will not involve ground troops. In fact reading his words, it all looks a bit of a doddle. Hit a few targets from the air, everything over in a few days, all very easy-peasy. That's a relief!

I was rather worried that the Iranians would charge out and catch the American army all spread in in bite sized chunks all across Iraq, or use their Chinese supplied anti-ship missiles to block the Straights of Hormuz. Hell - maybe they could do both at the same time and turn Hezbollah loose against Israel as well as sending suicide teams to make London look as like it did after a rather bad air raid in 1940.

However, now that the Senator has spoken we can all rest assured that the Iranians will play by Washington's rules and will accept the air attacks on their country without retaliating in any way, shape or form.

Joe Lieberman is all the proof required demonstrating that Left support for the "Left" of the Democratic Party is completely incompetent politix. This is simply an enemy party -- and trying to reform it is like trying to turn a wolf into a vegetarian.

Joe Lieberman is all the proof we require that a complete break with bourgeois politix is required to create a better world.

20 April 2006 at 18:45  

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