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08 April 2006
A warmonger writes. . .
What are we to make of this load of old wank that appeared in my comment box? Normally I would not comment directly on the deluded ravings of some hysterical warmonger. Still less do I make it a habit of legitimising the rantings of the entryists who have temporarily taken over the Labour Party by quoting their inane ramblings. That said. . . This is my toy. . . And I make the bloody rules. Here is what little Dave T. from Harry's Place had to say:
Exile, have you spoken to any british servicemen serving in iraq, or who have served there? What would you consider to be the general mood in the british army right now? Please reply. If not, then shut the fuck up supporting islamofascism, 9/11, 7/7 London blasts etc and start supporting Greatest forward march of freedom in the greater middle east, since the fall of the berlin wall.
Now, is this what the 'monging fraternity are reduced to in their increasingly desperate attempts to defend a lost war that has disgraced Britain's name? Since when has any war ever been justified by reference to the opinions of the soldiery? The armed forces are servants of the Crown which acts through Parliament. To argue otherwise, which this fool seems to be doing, is to argue against the constitution.

I suspect that this was not the 'monger's intention. To be charitable - and I am a generous and charitable man - it looks to me as if the 'monger came home from his first night out at the pub and the beer made him feel clever. The Exile smiles at the follies of the prepubescent and remembers his own foolishness when he first sneaked into a swill shop in about 1970.

On the other hand, it could be that this 'monger is trying with all his might to salvage something from the wreckage of a policy that has only brought discredit upon the country. Every 'monger thesis has been greeted with mocking laughter and we await the results of next month's local elections to see if Blair and his collection of cockroaches will survive into the summer.

If this is the case then our little 'monger has failed. President Charles de Gaulle once said that to be defeated is not to be disgraced, but that does not apply to the people who led Britain into this disasterous adventure. Their fate is to be vilified and mocked until the day that they die.



At least de Gaulle was a mensch. Tony Blair is a poodle.

8 April 2006 at 18:31  

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