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15 April 2006
More on The Euston Manifesto
Following on from yesterday's posting about the Euston Manifesto, I see that this is not the first time that this collection of chancers has tried to start a front organisation. However, as Crooked Timber pointed out, all previous goes have, well, gone:
The “decent left” who brought us Unite Against Terror, Labour Friends of Iraq, Democratiya, Engage and any number of other internet fronts, have now launched their Euston Manifesto . Together with lots of general commitments to motherhood and apple pie, there are the usual obsessions: Iraq, Israel, the alleged anti-Americanism and anti-semitism of those who disagree with them.
For his part, Guido Fawkes argues that whilst the hand shandyists for war are playing nicely amongst and with themselves - for some reason I always imagine them playing with themselves - "the rest of us can safely ignore them".

A lady named Jane Ashcroft took me to task in the comment box yesterday, saying that I should have commented on the Manifesto itself, rather than rubbished it in the way that I did. As a basic rule the lady is quite correct, what matters is the text and not who writes it. However, that is not the case with this particular text.

The point is that Blairism is illegitimate - as I have said many times before - within the context of a political party that was set up to represent the economic interests of the working class. To debate with Blairites is to legitimise their position within the party - and that is the whole point at issue. These entryists have no legitimacy within the Labour Movement and I am not going to provide them with any.

Once they have gone then obviously they are not just going to vanish up whatever orifice they use to speak with. They will form, either alone or in tandem with others, a political force that a revitalised Labour party will have to deal with. When that time comes then of course the moment for the debate that Miss Ashcroft wants will have arrived.

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This kind of pseudo-Left apologia seems to flow out of the same objective logic that led the respectable 'social-democracy' to offer-up their rank-n-file to the killing fields of Flanders and beyond... More recent treasons have been liberally covered here and elsewhere.

Methinx we need a proper marxist analysis of this phenomenon!
(I'd rather end up in Abu Ghraib than use the term "marxian".)

18 April 2006 at 22:59  

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