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29 April 2006
Left & Right
Various tossers are currently trying to link the far right British National Party to various leftwing parties like Respect. This is on the basis of some common policies, such as opposition to the war against Iraq and the BNP's desire to nationalise certain industries.

The problem with this is that political ideologies are about more than a list of policies. The BNP may very well be trying to square a circle, but that circle isn't getting squared. The far right still belives that race is more important than class. They may want to expropriate the property of Asian and Black businessmen - just as happened in Germany to Jewish businessmen in the 1930s - but we want to do it to all of them. Class to us is the defining factor.

Secondly, socialists accept that the middle class is nothing more than a buffer between us and the owners of capital. They act partly as a distraction - work hard, suck dick, lick arse: and you too can hope to buy a Barrett home - but their main role is that of a buffer. By allowing these creatures to exist, British capitalism has bought itself a collection of stooges who see their interests as being the same as that of capitalism. Thus they will defend the system even though it only really gives them a few scraps from its table. If they can be removed from the frame, then working class people are much less likely to buy into the capitalists' vision of the future.

For this reason socialists tend to be in favour of high inflation: put bluntly, a large middle class cannot exist under that monetary regime. Since to destroy capitalism we must first destroy capitalism's stooges, the corruption of the currency is something that all pretty much all socialists since Lenin have believed in.

By way of contrast, parties like the BNP are basically committed to the protection of that same middle class - especially its lower end, where you get the clowns who worry that if the Blacks move in next door, the value of their home will fall.

OK, everybody clear on the difference between left and right? Good, good.

We'll get that again and again from the fascists: race always trumps class, in their worldview. It's a given of fascist ideology. And as far as this logic goes, it actually does 'make sense' -- but only in the most parochial and revanchist ways. It makes sense in the way rapine and pillage makes sense to the marauder.

But that's only the ideological side of the equation. This is in fact only the political justification for the real, economic issue: property. Specifically, petty property -- the property of small businessmen, homeowners, farmers, small stockholders, ad nauseam. In other words: all those scared little people who fear losing the tiny, crumbling piece of the rock they've managed to cling to; and who are therefore easily pointed in the direction of the latest scapegoat by the Big Boys they've always aspired to emulate or be. And the Big Bourgeoisie don't care in the least who they set against the working-class, or how -- just that they can yet one more time divide all those who oppose their rule. All the better to have them at each others' throats.

However, one thing is different about the nazis -- both the old-timers and the fresh shocktrooper neo-nazis now making the rounds of the Internet and maybe your neighborhood: this lot also makes overt appeals to the working-class, and in opposition to the Big Bourgeoisie..... And so this is a dangerous game for even the bourgeoisie; because some possible fascist regime (it could happen), with a corporatist/workerist ideology could also turn on the big exploiters, given the right situation: i.e. a strong base in a demoralized working-class, devoid of any socialist organization or ideology or independent class leadership, but during some acute crisis which weakens the Capitalists, relative to their Nazi henchmen...

"NAZI" didn't stand for "National Socialism" for nothing.

And I myself would like nothing better than to go after BNP hoodlums with a baseball bat (the kind of action suggested by that standup toughguy The Exile loathes so much: Leon Trotsky ;) Too bad I live on the other side of the Pond. But then we have them here too.

29 April 2006 at 21:04  

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