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22 April 2006
Good news from Venezuela
Harry's Place reports a bit of good news from Venezuela - although being the silly sods that they are they probably haven't realised just how good the news is for the likes of us.

The Venezuelan opposition have chosen one Teodoro Petkoff as their candidate for the December presidential elections in that country. That is not to say that he will be the only candidate. This being Latin America lots and lots of others will also run, but he will be the main opposition contender.

Why is he so perfect? Well, being of Polish/Bulgarian origin he is about as Venezuelan as I am - a little matter that President Hugo Chavez Frias is sure to mention a few times during the campaign. Secondly, he is one of those metropolitan ex-Marxists who switched over to neo-liberalism. Thus he can be presented as having no real depth to his ideology; an allegation that has the added advantage of being true. Let's face it, if he can switch political clothing once, he can do it again. This is the problem that these followers of political fashion have. They may sit around, dicks in one hand and a political treatise in the other, but their no doubt sophisticated conclusions do not play with the people who reach their conclusions through the experience of actually living in a slum. Finally, he is pro-American in a country where the USA is regarded as the dot above the letter "i" in the word "shit".

All in all if I were a gambling man I would put good brass on Chavez Frias getting around 75% of the votes cast. Chavez Frias is not only of Venezuela, he is of the Venezuelan people. Just looking at his face which shows a mixture of mainly American Indian with a leavening of Africa demonstrates that. Not only that but when he speaks he does it in the language of his people, and his speech is peppered with the obscenities and double meanings for which colloquial Spanish is famous. The metropolitan types may tut-tut at this - they may even encourage Petkoff to come out with a bit of it himself - but when Chavez Frias speaks nobody can argue that he is putting on a show. Needless to say, all the opposition candidates will be pro-American; thus the patriotic position will be left to Chavez Frias to enunciate.

Now why in the name of God's balls can't the Labour Party do the same in Britain? Stop pandering to middle class filth and rally the tribe in the way that so many Latin American leaders are doing?

[Fuck Labour. Repeatedly. May it die a quick and merciful (for us) death.]

These cretins chose Petkoff?? Amazing. Only one word is required to describe these people: Thanatos.

22 April 2006 at 04:19  

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