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20 April 2006
Galloway on Labour
George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bethnal Green & Bow has published a stinging attack on Blairism in The Guardian today. His arguments are basically the same as those put forward on this blog since its inception, that "every country needs a labour party - but that Britain no longer has one".

His key quote came as a boot to the bollocks for the whole NuLab gang:
When Mr Blair bragged to the assembled claque at a soiree in the headquarters of Goldman Sachs - whose partners are among the richest people in Britain - that everyone present was paying less in income tax under him than under Margaret Thatcher, he seemed neither to understand nor care how repellent that sounded during a third Labour term and with multiple urban deprivation beginning just a stone's throw from the City.
This is why NuLab is doomed to fail. The fact that the wealthy are doing better under Blair than they did under Thatcher just sticks in the throat of the average Labour voter.

Every country doesn't need a labor party -- it needs an internationalist revolutionary workers' party. Which is not the same thing at all -- tho' many social-democrat "labor" careers have been made out of purposely confusing the two.

20 April 2006 at 18:37  

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