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10 April 2006
Blog thoughts
Comandante Gringo makes some interesting points in one of my comment boxes. Apropos not a lot, he argues that this blog lost momentum due to my absence in January, and that prior to my trip we had been picking up a lot of new readers thanks to referrals from other blogs. He goes on to say that more established blogs "network like crazy" and that those blogs are never neglected.

Last year the Exile was getting around 70 and 150 hits a day; now we get between 30 and a 100. However, the higher count was not due to referals from other blogs: it was due to the fact that the Exile was new and I was willing to trot around other blogs leaving comments left, right and centre.

This year the Exile's postings have been commented on by much bigger blogs and the site does get hits that come from those places. However, we tend not to keep the people who come over to have a butcher's. My theory is that most of the sites that refer to the Exile are hand shandy places. Their punters are, well, wankers. They leave a comment, get the piss taken out of them, and so they take their hooks and never come back. What the Exile needs are links to sites that share my basic philosophy: that socialism is the economic response of people like me to a system that tells against our economic self interest. All the rest is just wank as far as I am concerned.

In the meantime I shall continue plodding along, even though running a blog and posting almost daily is taking its toll. I have tried to find people who want to offer guest posts on certain days of the week, but without success. That would give them a blog to work with, but without having all the ear ache of actually running one of their own. If anybody is interested, well, they know how to get in touch. All I ask is honesty: the guest bloggers can be Tories, but let them be honest about it. So, if you are the heir to some factory owner's fortune and want to tell folk why unions should be abolished, that's fine. However, if you are some sad-arsed suburban loser who hasn't got the balls to be a worker, nor the brass to be a gaffer, then kindly fuck off. Harry's Place is for you. . .

Although small, this blog has picked up a small but loyal band of regular readers. To them I give thanks, and a pledge that the Exile will keep on running. Please check back soon for the next post!

Hey -- I'm prepared to be wrong on this one. It's your showboat. You should know the state of the bilge in this hulk. But for all that, I'd still bet my remarx are more apropos than you might think.

And the key to "success" in this field is definitely continuing to slog it out and persevere. Remember: you were in the "top 50" here. But I only note that simply because it's the unavoidable consequence of being more widely read, not dead.

As for guest spotz: I'll probably be whining for space here about the time the barricades go up for real... which will be sooner than most punters think, apparently (no, I don't mean next week, or even next month... But howsabout those revolting masses in continental Europa, huh..? Stay tuned...)

10 April 2006 at 18:08  


Exile, look at what david t wrote in this former soldiers blog, http://noaccuser.blogspot.com) hiperlinked above
Notice the familiarity with his writing in your blog comment boxes , he seems to have blogged from Ireland, on holidays maybe.
Did you kill anyone or see any action in Afghanistan?
Please reply.

I wrote that, so why you did you switch from supporting America, U.S. Military and basically
Greatest forward march of freedom in the greater middle east, since the fall of the berlin wall to supporting islamofascism, 9/11, 7/7 London blasts etc Please reply again.


10 April 2006 at 20:12  

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