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09 April 2006
7th July report leaks out
The official report into the 7th July London bombings has been leaked and concludes that the bombers had no links to al-Qaida.

The men met via the internet and were not part of any international conspiracy. Each was determined to become a martyr for his cause, and they gained their bomb making knowledge from the web.

Sadly for the hand-shandyists for war - especially the tosser who wrote in yesterday - that is all there is to it. Supporting the war against Iraq is not a step on the road to defeating people like this because they had no links to either Iraq or al-Qaida.

Uh, I don't think that even this is what really happened. Just recall that there was a terrorism drill going on at the exact time and in the exact places where the bombs went off -- just like in New York. Right up to including Rudolph Giuliani at both locations... That, -- just like in New York -- the personal documents of some of these kids miraculously survived Ground Zero annihilation... And many, many more troubling facts which point to these being black ops intended to advance the anglo-american fascist agenda.

Download and listen to all the shows at Taking Aim to get the real lowdown on just how criminal this anglo-american ruling class actually is. And why we desperately need to overthrow these bastard murderers. The fate of the world depends on this. Literally.

9 April 2006 at 20:07  

And I wanted to say again here:
Don't be too worried how far you slipped in the "politix blog ratings" on this site. Because what happened was you took an extended vacation at exactly the moment you were on a roll. And so you lost all your momentum -- and then some. And timing is everything in politix and much else in life, isn't it?

So it's going to be much harder to get back into the "top 50" again. As I recall, you picked up a lot of readers at the height of your 'popularity' by being linked from other, more established blogs. And so at the very least, that kind of thing needs to happen all over again -- and then some.

These other shites here network like crazy -- and they very jealously build their reputations over time. And they most likely never neglect their blogs -- not even once.

9 April 2006 at 20:33  

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