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08 March 2006
Will the last hand-shandyist for war please switch off the lights?
It is amusing the watch the warmongers abandon the lost cause. Francis Fukuyama did it the other day, and the latest to join the exodus is Andrew Sullivan. Funnily enough, Sullivan makes the point that William F. Buckley had also recanted, which was something I didn't know.

Who is left, I wonder? I am not talking about the people that we laugh at, I mean who is left with any degree of gravitas amongst the 'mongers?

Niall Ferguson doesn't count. He was never signed up to the notion that within the chest of every Iraqi there pounded the heart of a true, North-London New Labourite. His view was that Iraq had to be occupied indirectly, with the white men keeping real control.

No, I'm talking about the true believers. The ones who believed that Iraq would emerge as an ally of the USA, with an economy open to western control and an Iraqi ambassador in Tel Aviv.

Are there any of them still around, or are we just left with the knobs?



Like the true hi-tek barbarians they are, the knobs still intend to win with their present overwhelming firepower.

The "velvet glove" is off the mailed fist now:
US General: "Iraq Can Expect More Bombings" at Lenin's Tomb.

I suggest every working-class and people on the planet figure out how to "reach out and touch" the "standoff" invaders (planes, missiles, remote-control drones, AWACS) in the best traditions of asymmetric warfare.

8 March 2006 at 22:31  

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