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19 March 2006
Trafalger Square
So how many turned out for the London demonstration against the war? The organisers claimed 100,000, the police said 15,000, and one bloke who was there reckoned about 50,000. Take your choice of figures.

The numbers are not that important, anyway, because if 2,000,000 could not stop the war three years ago, then the much smaller numbers that turned out yesterday are not going to have any effect.

The good news is that the warmongers are reduced to pointing to these figures as proof of something or other. That is all they have left after three long years of war. Less people turned out yesterday than three years ago so, er, that's all folks.

The reason the masses are voting with their feet here is because they understand that these protests are only symbolic, if they don't lead immediately to something more concrete. As long as liberals and pacifists continue to hold us all to their emotional blackmail, this Movement is going to be herded and corraled into the mere formalism of bourgeois democracy. And thus impotence.
And no doubt George Soros (and the other Georges) will be pleased.

Fact is -- it's the extra-parliamentary Left in places like France and América Latina that are showing us the real way forward. Follow that path -- or end up like all those social-democrat fools we're still surrounded by, whinging about the need for 'electoral reform' and [mere formalistic] 'voting' and all that bourgeois bilgewater.

I didn't go to the demos either, myself. But then, I have immediate security concerns that no middle-class "activist" is going to recognize, let alone deal or help with...

21 March 2006 at 01:26  

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