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11 March 2006
Slobodan Milosevic has died
Slobodan Milosevic has died at the age of 64. He suffered from high blood pressure and a weak heart, but his enemies refused him permission to travel to Russia last month for medical treatment. Only yesterday President Milosevic had claimed that he was being poisoned, and his lawyer today requested that the autopsy be carried out in Moscow. Needless the say this has been refused.

His crime was to stand up to the west who wanted to turn his independent country into yet another capitalist appendage. Had Russia not still been in thrawl to western interests in 1999 he might have managed to stop imperialism in its tracks with their help. He failed, and the Serbian province of Kosovo was stripped away. Thus the world was then forced to watch as the beast slouched over to Iraq. Luckily Iraq decided to resist; one hopes that this gave some comfort to Slobodan Milosovic as he endured the indignity of his imprisonment.

As a prisoner from 2001 onwards he spat defiance at the dwarfs that held him. Who can forget his contemptuous exchange with Judge Kaffirbasher, or whatever the wazzock's name was? He was asked if he wanted the charges read out in full - and his reply was a mocking: "That's your problem".

It is still unclear if his body will be released to Serbia for the funeral. It is possible that the capitalists will want assurances that it does not turn into a display of Serbian defiance against the beast.

Update: Neil Clark knows far more about the region than I do. Readers are advised to keep an eye on his blog.

This was the only way out for The Empire. They were never going to release him and how could they pass a guilty verdict given the embarrassing lack of evidence?
You're absolutely right- the road to Baghdad started in Belgrade. But the criminals who dismembered Yugoslavia, and who have trashed Iraq still have further conquests in mind. Belarus- Iran- Venezuela. Anyone who stands up to them and
who has the temerity to resist.
For all anti-imperalists- the urgent priority is to unite and defeat the enemy. Once and for all.

11 March 2006 at 23:37  

Milosevic was an old Stalinist (or Titoist if you prefer) -- with all that that implies -- and was certainly too corrupt. But the bottom line is that he did indeed represent Srbija and Jugoslavija, and defended his state against both the predations of imperialism, and the betrayal of those selfish idiots Imperialism can find in every place and time, who would eagerly sell their own mothers for a Lexus or a villa.

So in a sense, many will honor the likes of Slobodan Milosevic for that.

As for the Imperium of the New World Order: we have to resist these new Nazis like the French Resistance resisted the old ones -- by any and all means necessary.

I know I'm certainly paying for fighting them. Yet in my way, I contribute to tying them down, causing them problems, and slowing them up. Eventually we will defeat these fascists -- even if it means they blow up half the planet in a fit of selfish "Après moi le déluge!" pique.
However, not enuff people are fighting. There are too many fools and cowards yet. We lack leadership and a clear class-conscious vision of the urgent necessity that we must fight them NOW.

12 March 2006 at 07:39  

Yeah, Comandante, he was most certainly an old tankie. I agree with the rest of your comments as well. We do need unity.

12 March 2006 at 08:42  

Didn't he... like, kill loads of people too?

15 March 2006 at 14:53  

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