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23 March 2006
Returning to the lying fields of Kosovo
I have always had a basic rule of thumb that has served me well for almost half a century. If the management filth tell you that the sun is shining, then you grab your damned unbrella.

This served me well six years ago when imperialism first flexed it muscles in Kosovo. We were told that the province has become a killing field, but when the aggression ended only 2,788 bodies were found it mass graves. Some had been killed by the NATO airstrikes, others by the Kosovo Liberation Front. The rest, probably, in fighting between the Yugoslav army and the rebels. It was all a lie.

At the time I helped the Yugoslavian Embassy in Mexico City set up meetings to try and rally support for their defence. I did not need to be told that Blair was telling lies: I just knew he was everytime he opened that pretty little mouth of his. He is a representative of the boss class and we know that the boss class always lie. We take in this truism with our mother's milk.

A lot of people forgot that basic truth and believed the lies in those days. God knows why, but they did. Fewer were prepared to swallow the guff when it came to Iraq, but a lot still bought into it for a time.

As moves are afoot to start a war against Iran, the question has to be asked: are you still so stupid as to believe the bosses' lies?

The green, green (radioactive, glowing green) glass of home...

When's the Revolution? The boss' agents keep attacking us, every day. When do we 'let at them', but good, like in France..?

24 March 2006 at 04:58  

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