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17 March 2006
The rebel snowman
I don't normally reprint whole articles, but this one is so seriously funny that I am breaking my rule. It refers to an event that took place during the great Miners' Strike of 1984-85:

The Miners of Silverwood, having been told they were confined to six pickets only, built themselves a seventh comrade in the shape of a large snowman,wearing for good measure a plastic policeman's helmet.
Next morning, Chief Inspector Nesbitt appears on the scene and seeing the jeering miners and their steely eyed companion, ordered the constables to knock it down . This order brought rebellion to the police ranks as PCs declined to, "look so fucking stupid knocking down a snowman". "Very well," shouts the irate Nesbitt, jumping in his Range Rover and charging off to demolish the snowman, as pickets ran laughing for cover.
Maybe it was a trick of the light, or maybe a twinkle glistened in the icy countenance on the snowman's fixed expression - we shall never know, as the Range Rover made contact and came to a dead stop, smashing front grill, bumper and headlamps and hurling the shocked Nesbitt into the steering wheel. PCs found excuses to walk away or supress body shaking laughter while pickets fell about on the ground with side splitting mirth. The snowman had been constructed around a three foot high two foot thick concrete post!

You can buy the book that this passage is from here.

The working class simply has to break bourgeois law in order to advance its interests, doesn't it? Ripping up the injunctions is a grand old tradition on the Left -- something lost on the gutless wonders of middle-class activism...

And it's a developing new reality that the Thatcherite idiots who crushed a poorly-led, betrayed miners' strike (because after all, they were the New Wave of the End of History, and you don't mess with the New Order, or ELSE), have screwed the energy future of the UK by closing all those "uncompetitive" mines: because the North Sea oil is quick running out. And there's not enuff "BTUs" in the pipe (as a revolutionary, I prefer the Metric MKS/CGS calories, thankyouverymuch).

Way to go, "geniuses".

18 March 2006 at 02:00  

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