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16 March 2006
Ramsay MacBlair has to rely on Tory votes
Tiny Tony Blair was forced to rely on the support of the Tories yesterday after 52 Labour MPs voted against the Education Bill, with a further 23 abstaining. In theory the Labour majority is 69 over all the other parties, but that is looking increasingly threadbare.

Athough Blair sounds like an Englishman, he is actually Scottish. Funnily enough the last Scottish Prime Minister that the Labour Party had was Ramsay MacDonald, a man rightly held in contempt in the party because he preferred the company of Tories. At least Macdonald had to be seduced by the Tories: Blair has always seemed quite at home in their company.

I mention this not to insult the Scots, but to ask how much longer will it be before the Tories offer little Tony a nice deal along the lines of the Macdonald betrayal all those years ago? He could remain as Prime Minister, heading a largely Tory government, and bring with him as many NewLab MPs as he can persuade to jump ship. For the deal to work he would have to bring quite a few MPs along, because Macdonald headed a minority government. However, there are bound to be a couple of dozen Blairites who, like their pretty leader, find the air of the Labour Party a bit too sweaty and lower class for their tastes.

One way or another, that party splits. Sooner the better.

18 March 2006 at 01:21  

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