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15 March 2006
Please stop feeding the entryists
Socialist disagree on many things, but I don't think that many would argue with the notion that the Labour Party has historically been the vehicle for working class aspirations in Great Britain.

Unfortunately that vehicle has been taken over, not by the left or the right, but by the middle class. It is our fault, since we allowed these creatures to move in and take control, but I do detect that their days are numbered. As the war against Iraq goes from bad to hilarious the credibility of these entryists declines at a rate of knots. With defeat comes disgrace and soon - please let it be soon - we should be in a position to retake our party and restore its constitution and values.

This being so, why the devil are people who are clearly anti-Newlab helping its adherents? Let's take just one case as an example. A seriously funny article was published in The Guardian which tried to defend the war against Iraq. I took the piss out of this load of old wank in my last posting - just scroll down if you want to read it. However, over 200 people have now written to the author to point out his errors. People, we do not debate with cockroaches! By doing so we legitimise their position within our movement. This is the whole point of the matter: their views are not legitimate and neither are they. They are worse than Militant or any other Trot sect, because at least Militant's argument was legitimate within the context of a working class party. These NewLab creatures are not of our tribe, they do not stand inside our laager and we will not dignify their arguments with a reply.

The only debate that needs to take place within the labour movement is about how to remove them. In the meantime, if people feel the need to write to these maggots, why not do it by laughing at them? They could be invited tell us how the cakewalk is coming along, or when they think that the Iraqi ambassador will be sent to Tel Aviv. Thus anyone who feels an urgent need to write to any of these creatures can do so, but without validating their views in any way.

Let's stop playing silly buggers with them, in other words.

Indeed, the worst thing about Trotskyism besides the sectarianism is the entryism. Because you're not supposed to flog a dead horse -- but no one has told these people, because komrad Trotsky is long dead.

And speaking of the dead horse: fuck Labour. No matter how hard it's going to be to do -- the UK working masses need a real workers' party: i.e. a party minus the Rightwing bureaucrat apparatchiki. Labour should be buried if for no other reason than its sorry, squalid past.

The Labour Party is dead. Long live the Workers' Party!

15 March 2006 at 12:57  

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