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28 March 2006
More on Abdul the apostate
I know that I shouldn't get cheap laughs like this, but since every bugger else seems to be laughing at the warmongers, I feel obliged to go with the flow.

One of my favourite 'mongers has finally commented on the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghani convert to Christianity who faced the death penalty for his apostay. This is a case that I mentioned all of four days ago, by the way. It is possible that he was trying to save face by not commenting earlier - let's face it, this is hardly the outcome that these gawps expected when they began wanking for war, is it? The problem is that if he was trying to save face he has only managed to bollock things up for himself still further. Thus we get to chuckle twice: once for the silence, then for the up fuck when he finally does post.

Right, here's the thing: the silly sod has claimed that the case has been dropped because it is ultra vires - that means that the body trying the matter lacks the competency so to do. That is just wrong.

Afghan law is based on the Sharia code. The constitution states that "no law can be contrary to the sacred religion of Islam". The country has also signed up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and they get around the freedom of religion clauses by allowing Christianity, but not conversion from Islam to Christianity.

The reason why he has been released is a lack of clear evidence, according to the authorities. It may also be that he is not actually an Afghan national and, oh yes, he has been declared mentally unfit to stand trial. Put another way, the Afghans have bowed to western pressure, but not in the way that this 'monger wants us to believe. The prosecution was never unconstitutional and no Afghan body has claimed that it was. What they have done is allowed this bod to leave prison so that they can keep the western butties flowing; they have not accepted that their original decision was wrong in any way.

It's despicable how Christians see this as an opportunity to spit on Islam. That's one sure-fire way to make the "war on terror" worse for America.

29 March 2006 at 01:29  

Yeah. They're really all just looking out for this poor guy and his rights, eh?

That's one thing about Rightwingers: they so despise us -- yet will never likely grasp how we feel that way twice as hard about them. Only difference is: we have cause. They're just flaming idiots.

1 April 2006 at 12:42  

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