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24 March 2006
Idiocy on parade
This is good sport: Ollie Kamm nibbling at Crooked Timber's ankle like some deranged King Charles Spaniel that has just been kicked.

We have to go back to 2004 for the real laughs. That was when Ollie announced that he was deleting Crooked Timber from his blogroll. Since Crooked Timber had never actually linked to him - they had probably never even heard of him - Ollie felt able to explain that he was "at liberty to explain the excision with no risk of causing the distress that my strictures ought properly to elicit".

Now, let's just pause here for a moment, shall we? If some wazzock with a photo that makes him look like a lobotomised hamster suddenly decided to nibble my ankle in this way, what in the name of God's left testicle makes him think that my reaction would be anything less than sheer indifference?

Blogging is fun, but it's unimportant fun. Most people do not read blogs, as I found out back in January when I returned to the UK. Of all the old friends that I met up with only one actually read weblogs, and about half had never even heard of the damned things. In Britain people meet up in the swill shops and set the world to rights that way - they don't do it via a computer screen.

I blog because I live in what used to be a village on the far outskirts of Mexico City. To get from my house to the city centre is rather like travelling from Manchester to Liverpool. I am bored shitless in other words, so to prove that I still exist, I blog. What is the influence of this blog? About nil I should think, and that is true of all the others.

Ollie, aside from being a humourless git, is clearly one who thinks that his drivel is meaningful. I hate to disabuse him but it is not. My advice to him is to get back with Stan as quickly as possible - the laughs that way would be better.



You modestly underestimate the present political importance of blogging a bit -- but certainly any one blogger can be just as irrelevant as you say. And at least half the world's population probably doesn't even have electricity, let alone a computer.

But like I also said to you once (more or less): the more you post interesting and useful, timely stuff, the more people will read your blog; and the more will comment, and the more will read...
etc. There's a snowball effect.

And blogging is important because hammering out what's really going on in a world full of official lies is an important component of raising mass class-consciousness in advance of the Revolution...

No wonder Bumsfeld fears the Deadly Blog. And intends to nuke the Internet.

25 March 2006 at 13:03  

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