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31 March 2006
Hunting cockroaches
I remember that as a young man in Manchester a conversation would often come up, usually as the evening drew to a close, which in those days was at 11.00pm, as that was when the pubs chucked out. What would be done under socialism with capitalism's refuse, the middle classes?

One man always pointed out that Stalin had basically had them all shot. At the time this seemed a little drastic to me, but when you consider how in eastern Europe those same creatures were allowed to join the local Communist Party and how many of them went on to become the management in the state enterprises, I can see that he had a point. One of the reasons why capitalism was able to return in that part of the world is that the socialists had not fully dealt with these creatures. Thus they were able to arse lick their way into senior positions - the middle class are any country's greatest sycophants - and once the systems became wobbly they could emerge once again under their true colours. Shit always floats to the surface, I suppose, but at least in Russia capìtalism is not having a free run, thanks to the late Joe Stalin.

My feeling then was that these people were not a problem. High inflation kept their numbers down and strong trades' unions stopped them from getting too lippy. My views have not changed all that much: the first task for an incoming socialist government should be to repeal all the anti working class legislation that went through in the 1980s and let the inflation rate climb. The working class has nothing to fear from inflation, thanks to our unions. The middle class will get squashed, and that is the aim.

In the medium term these creatures can be further corralled with high taxation. Hopefully, as the years go by, their descendents will come to accept the permanence of the situation. If they don't then that's a problem for the police, who will, it is hoped, be keeping a close watch on their activities. To be candid, beyond taxation and inflation, I don't have a long term solution to this problem. If anybody does, please let them send it along.



This is indeed true of much of the petit-bourgeoisie. A treacherous, vacillating lot. Not trustworthy in a revolution -- but always best to keep at least neutral, if not onside.

But regarding this recent past history of a failed socialism: one of the important points about the rooskie and east european experience is that all this "really-existing socialism" happened in backwards countries under an incessant state of siege, c/o a Western Imperialism with the resources of most of the planet at its disposal. Not to mention an american continent which actually benefited from both world wars. And so it was relatively easy for these snivelling middle-class forces to become a fifth column for imperialism inside the rotten state of affairs that was dead-end stalinism.

However, in the glorious socialist future which we will soon be embarking upon (barring a truly unfortunate Dr. Strangeglovian Götterdammerung), this situation will simply not occur. And the very basis for a middle-class betrayal will not even exist: the present middle-classes will be atomized into the general population, as free, high-quality, advanced education and a general high kultural development will fairly quickly "level" the world-wide playing-field. All this material development will be amply paid for by the high technical level which the entire planet has already now achieved -- barring whatever capitalist-transpired messes we'll have to clean up by that time.

And so, all we really have to do now is rid the world of these 'dogs in the manger', who so jealously and unreasonably control access to the world's resources.

1 April 2006 at 14:13  

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