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07 March 2006
Chistopher Hitchens sees sense.
Sonic, if you are reading this, I suggest you hold onto your hat: Christopher Hitchens is calling for detente with Iran! He is adopting a Nixon goes to China strategy, and probably covering himself in case the chimp really is insane enough to send the American army off to destruction in Iran.

I don't agree with his point that the young of that country are "fed up with medieval rule," mainly because he bases this assertion on those who have "relatives in the West, access to satellite dishes and cell phones, and regular contact with neighboring societies". A minority, in other words, in a country where the bulk of the population are quite happy to stick their bums in the air and their noses in the dirt five times a day. It is always a mistake when assesing Third World opinion to base it on the tiny elite who speak English, use the internet and moan at the government. Most people are not like that.

Caveats aside, it is nice to see yet more hand-shandyists for war coming over to the cause of non-interventionism - however belated the conversion is.

Read it mate, just composing a post.

7 March 2006 at 21:57  

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